dxp distribution GmbH

About Us

The dxp distribution GmbH exclusively distributes the documentXpath , the new archive solution for small and medium-sized, professionals and tradespeople.
The two partners, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Vagharshak Lalayan and Dipl.-Kfm Uwe Griebenow, have decided in spring 2013 to introduce this innovative archiving system together on the German market.

The story of documentXpath begins a few years earlier. Mr. Lalayan came up with the idea to revolutionize the approach of document archiving. Letters, invoices, contracts etc. usually have so far been categorized, tagged and stored under specific folders and file names - he took a completely different approach:

The documents are scanned and stored as they are. A completely new and proprietary solution with full text search, OCR and further unique semantical and linguistic analysis allows the user, much like when searching with a search engine, to regain its archived document within seconds.

Here, several man-years have been invested in development and programming work.